EDCís in the Water ?


There have been a number of customers who have asked about the possibility of Endocrine Disrupting Compounds (EDCís) in the water supply. Reportably, these compounds come from many sources from: chemical waste to plastics residues to household wastes washed down the sink. When ingested these EDCís cause the endocrine system (which produces hormones for various bodily functions) to be disrupted and cause abnormal reactions. Part of these same reports state that the public water treatment systems couldnít take the EDCís out. The question was then put to me; ďDoes your water store treatment system take out EDCís?Ē

My response has been that if the EDCís are chemicals, our Carbon Systems would probably take out anything left after the water went through our Reverse Osmosis. Even though the EPA was reporting that the municipal treatment plants were not being able to remove the EDCís with their Carbon Filtration. The reason a water store could probably remove the compounds when the city municipal plant couldnít is because: of the amount of time the water is in contact with the Activated Carbon giving the activated carbon more time and ability to pull out the chemicals; we use a great deal of Solid Carbon Block filters, which force the chemicals into contact with the Activated Carbon allowing the chemicals to be easily removed; we use a number of different types of carbon which have a preference for different types of chemicals; the water has been cleaned considerably by the time it gets to the water store making it easier to treat. If the compounds were organic then I would expect that nature would decompose them over time.

While reading through a trade magazine an announcement caught my eye. The AWWA Research Foundation controlled by the American Water Works Association, an organization for public water supplies, ran tests on the removal of EDCís and they found Ultraviolet Light and Hydrogen Peroxide would remove the tested EDCís. This tells me the EDCís were compounds that sunlight will decompose in time since Ultraviolet Light is the degenerating element of sun light.

We use Ultraviolet Light twice in our process, once as part of the pretreatment and again as the final treatment. Ultraviolet Light has been used primarily to remove pathogens such as bacteria but is very good in altering or decomposing chemical compounds. We also use Chlorine Dioxide for disinfection, which is one of the three peroxides and is very similar to Hydrogen Peroxide.

Too, our water here is close to the headwaters, as there are few municipalities up stream from us that could be dumping contaminates into our water. So I would think there would be little reason for worries concerning EDC's in the tap water and no reason for concern with water from water stores, vending machines or home water treatment systems.

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