Water Value

What is its Value?


A customer said "Itís hydrate or die." Especially in the summerís heat, "It is hydrate or die", and one of the key values of water is that of hydrating (filling with water) the body. Many of the items we drink, particularly during the summer, do not hydrate as well as one would think. Some things like coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, and many soft drinks act as diuretics. Diuretics cause the body to cast off water leaving the body dehydrated. Water is the natural thirst quencher.

One of the values of water is in the things it doesnít have. What doesnít water have? Water doesnít have: calories to cause weight gain (in fact, water is one of the key ingredients in a weight loss program); sodium to cause high blood pressure; artificial color, flavor or preservative which cause so many people psychological problems; caffeine to make one irritable, jumpy and short of sleep; color to stain fabric, carpet, or furniture; sugar to cause tooth decay or cause diabetic trouble; nor will it cause one to be more dependent on it than what is absolutely necessary.

Another value to high quality water is the value it adds to other items such as: juice concentrates; coffee; tea; baby formulas; and most any baking or cooking. Water with low-minerals has value for use in irons, humidifiers, car radiators, plant watering and cleaning.

The real sales value of quality water is its price. Compared to alternative beverages, water is cheap at twice the price, and it is full of health giving properties.

Children who have quality water available to them develop a taste for water and prefer it as the beverage of choice.




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