Will a Water Store Work for Me?

There are many variables when considering the adequacy of a market for the services and products of a Water Store to make it profitable. Population isn't just a numbers question but also a human question. And water quality isn't just a chemical analysis question. One of the highest costs of starting a Water Store is rent. (Total Rent) Not just dollars per square ft. or dollars per month, but dollars spent before the store becomes profitable. The right market can be very low in the "Total Rent" paid before profitability. So the right market is very important.


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What is Provided?

Assistance at determining:

  • Demographics, Market Population

  • Market Water Analysis, Market Density

  • Current Water Sales, Type of Potential Customers

  • Competition, Potential Customers Income


To help you determine the workability and profitability of a Water Store in your market.

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