Which Type is the Best Choice?


Of the many sources for drinking water, there are quite a few good choices. There is no particular type that is just right for everyone in every situation. Some may need a mineral water while others may require a highly purified water in order to leach toxins out of the body.

Usually any tap water can be consumed without great harm for short periods of time but chlorine, fluoride, sodium, ammonia and other usual ingredients of a public water supply can cause problems for some. Even those bothered are usually only bothered after drinking tap water for a period of time.

By far the biggest reason for buying bottled water is taste. When water tastes good it is easier to drink the amount necessary to keep the body working properly.

There are three types of bottled water:

#1. DRINKING WATER - usually a municipal or well water which is treated by reverse osmosis to remove any contaminates or the possibility of same. Drinking water is the most popular water because of taste and price.

#2. SPRING WATER - a naturally occurring water which naturally flows out of the ground and whose quality is determined by the formation from which it flows as well as how well the aquifer is protected from contamination. Spring water can vary to an extreme and one needs a good understanding of the particular spring and its minerals. Taste and quality as well as price may vary.

#3. DISTILLED WATER - water from which veritably all minerals have been removed and which many like in spite of its flat taste and higher price. Distilled water is good for some on a short-term basis but which is probably not good for most, long-term since one could become short of minerals.

The various types of water are generally available from the supermarket for a moderate price or can be delivered to the home for a much higher cost. Vending machines and water stores, which sell drinking water, have been around since the 1980ís. These are about half the price of supermarket water, so economical because the bottle and transportation are provided by the consumer and the water is refined on the premises.

Hopefully by using these simple guidelines one can be able to find just the right water to satisfy the taste and budget.


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