What is a Water Store?


There is nothing quite like a refreshing rain on a hot afternoon to clean the air and environment. Water, being the best solvent, dissolves the substances it comes into contact with and holds them in suspension. From the sulfur-dioxide in the air and the oily asphalt of the street, to the salts in the soil, all are dissolved and carried away with the flow of water. The refreshing rain water has sacrificed its purity in the process of cleansing the earth.

The Problem

Man has always needed a plentiful supply of pure water to drink. As our society has become more sophisticated and more comfort-oriented, we have demanded more products and services which have ushered in the chemical age. With the advent of chemicals, came the misuse of chemicals and the dumping of them, to the point that we are now on the "dark side of the chemical revolution." Our universal cleansing solvent, water, is polluted by our chemicals. We even attempt to purify our water with chemicals. Man has found himself hard pressed to find the "cool, clear, water" that satisfies his thirst in a most pleasant manner.

Bottled water was an obvious solution to a drinking water problem. But with water selling for about a dollar per gallon, many in the past have been restricted from obtaining that tall drink of "cool, clear, water" because of the inability to forego the cost of home delivery. Many solved the problem by going to the supermarket to buy, at sixty to seventy cents per gallon, reducing the cost considerably.

The Solution

A retired man recognized the problem and saw most of the cost of bottled water was in the transportation and distribution. He started the first BYOB Water Store® on July 4, 1984. The concept was to have a store which would manufacture a "top quality" drinking water, then sell it to the consumer in his own. container at about half the price of the supermarket bottled water. Complimentary items for sale are ice, bottles, dispensers, coolers, and related items.

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